Voyager problem

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Voyager problem

Post by analoghaze » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:56 pm

This is a copy of the email that I just sent to Moog.
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?
Any advice. I do not want to send in my Voyager.

I am having a problem with my Voyager. Something it has never done before. It has never left my smoke free house. When I press the panel button, it displays the mod wheel setting. Pressing the panel button again, does not always bring it back to display. If I lightly touch next to the LCD display itself, it does the same thing. If I lightly touch a knob to the left of the display, it displays a setting from the pedal on BUSS. Applying slightly more pressure from the same knob goes to the next setting. It starts with source and then goes to destination. This happens with every knob to the left of the display. (Oscillators) the knobs to the right (mixer, filter) do not do this. The synthesizer functions as it should, the display jumps around in a weird way. Version 2.5 with nothing plugged into the MIDI ports. I am an EE, and feel comfortable opening the machine if this could be an easy fix. (ribbon cable) please advise and thanks.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Voyager problem

Post by RL » Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:44 am

Is it a digital board with SMDs or regular parts on it?


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