Question about using the Voyager with a modular system

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Question about using the Voyager with a modular system

Post by TheStevenLasombras » Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:27 pm

I've been curious about getting into modular synths, but really like the Voyager's functionality. It occurred to me that a decent (and less expensive!) compromise might be -rather than investing in a full modular system- to assemble one small case with some of the crazier modules I'm looking at (Metasonix, Dewanatron Triple Slice, etc.) as an expansion for the Voyager. (Running the signal from the Mixer Out, into modular, back into the Ext. In, OR using the Voyager keyboard to control an oscillator module, running that back into the Voyager.)

Does anyone have tips for using a Voyager with other synth modules? (I mean, this would work, right?) :?:

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Re: Question about using the Voyager with a modular system

Post by psicolor » Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:51 pm

A Voyager with a VX351 is great to controll modular synths, but in my opinion the Voyager itself is no substitute for a real modular. If you want a modular, get modular.
The Voyager is the descendent of the Minimoog, which is an all-in-one synthesizer (.... without a fx unit ;-) ), designed to be played without minding about technics.

I don't have a vx351 but i use a doepfer dark energy and a diy-attenutor-box to expand my voyager with 2 additional LFOs, an EG and a great VCO. The Voyager and the DE are connected via midi.
The Dark Energy's VCO sounds crystal clear, more brilliant than the Voyagers VCOs, but it's scaling is less stable then the voyager's, especially if you play over 3 or more octaves.
Now I have gained great new possibilities, but most of the time, all i need is built-in.

If someone with a voyager would ask me, what to buy next, i'd suggest a valve bassguitar amp. This is the way to get really nasty!

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Re: Question about using the Voyager with a modular system

Post by Just Me » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:55 pm

DON'T DO IT!!!!! (Unless you have space and money to burn!) I started off with a VX and some Foogers. Then an 11 space Dot.Com system for a little more mangling. I'm at 88 spaces of 5U and over 20 rack spaces and it just keep growing! The term is G.A.S.

Here is a Voyager and a modular playing nicely together. (Use real speakers or headphones or you won't hear anything for the first couple minutes. It's pretty low frequency.) The 'guitar' is un processed Voyager.
Oh yeah, this is one pass live. No multitracking or overdubs. ... eflection2
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