Question about Calibration?

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Question about Calibration?

Post by TheStevenLasombras » Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:11 pm

Sorry if this is a noob question, I've been having a problem with my Voyager but I'm not sure about the correct terminology to describe the problem, or if it's something I'm doing wrong...

I'll tweak the Fine Tune to one note (usually the middle C or D), but everything more than a few keys higher or lower than the note I tuned to will be out of tune, to the point that an octave up will be about a half step too sharp and an octave down will be about a half-step flat.

Would shipping it back to the factory for calibration fix my problem? If getting knocked around in shipping contributes to the issue, I worry whether shipping it across the country (I'm located in Portland, OR) and back would lead it to arrive back in roughly the same condition as now: usable as long as I stick within a range of 4-5 keys. :?

Do you guys have any suggestions?

(Edit to add: I bought my Voyager used about five months ago, it's been this way since I got it.)

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