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Matriarch, some keys not sending note off

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2023 12:11 pm
by CV-Gate
Hi, first, let me say how disappointed I feel with Moog's technical service; I sent three emails about this issue, and I got no response. I've been a Moog customer since they released the Voyager, and I never got such an awful and unresponsive service. Things have changed a lot; I hope this gets better and they don't ruin Bob's fantastic legacy.

Ok, now the issue. I've recently found that some of the keys in my Matriarch don't send midi note-off messages when I press them firmly; with this, I mean so firmly to get aftertouch messages. I assume that aftertouch messages cancel note-off for these keys. This happens with six of the keys from the first octave and middle B. I tested the synth using a midi monitor app, and I can confirm that no midi note-off messages were received.

Has anyone had a similar issue with the Matriarch or another keyboard? Any advice? I don't have a Moog service nearby, and I wouldn't like to send it; it's also out of warranty, so any advice you can provide to fix it myself will be welcome (I have some experience in DiY).

Thanks a lot for your help.