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is my subharmonicon midi in defective?

Posted: Sun May 30, 2021 10:35 am
by jdpipkin

I am very close to sending my subharmonicon back because it seems the midi in is defective. But maybe I'm just doing everything wrong!

First, I tried Logic Pro ---> USB midi cable ---> SHM midi in. I followed the directions precisely to sync it to Logic, and there was no effect. No ability to control, no clock sync. Any time play was illuminated, SHM would just do its own thing, no discernible connection to my DAW.

Then I tried connecting it via my Arturia Beatstep. I tried Midi out to Midi in, no response. The only way I was able to control SHM was plugging the "Midi Out" (from Beatstep) ---> "Clock In" on SHM, and when I do that it gives me a very out-of-time playback that is somewhat close to the master tempo, but sounds like someone turning a "swing" knob up and down at random.

At no time, under any circumstances, have I seen the "midi in" light illuminate on the Subharmonicon.

I've read every article I can, read the manual on Logic Pro, Beatstep, and Subharmonicon. I've tried everything the past four days. Do I have a defective unit? Or am I missing something?

Re: is my subharmonicon midi in defective?

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2021 7:58 pm
by Subaphonic
Hi, I have a similar issue with midi on the SUBH.
I’m using Ableton. MIDI works. But it is constantly out of tempo sync while the sequencer is playing.
When the sequencer is disabled it goes on sync again, but I get a weird behaviour with the enveloppe.
every time there’s a note release the VCO’s octave changes. Moreover It happens only when Ableton is playing !
It make the SUBH useless with a daw.
I suspect a deficient series, I’ve sent a mail to moog already, never got any answer. It’s really disappointing especially since we’re supposed to have a 1 year warranty.