Matriarch Tuning Scale Select feature

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Matriarch Tuning Scale Select feature

Post by GovernorSilver » Tue Mar 23, 2021 2:42 pm

From the manual:
4.6 Tuning Scale Select

Matriarch is fully compliant with the MIDI Tuning Standard, so you can import, save, and use tuning scales and intonation systems from around the world. Tuning scales can be accessed via MIDI messages, or by using this Global Setting to select a Tuning scale from the keyboards. The last Tuning scale selected will is remembered when the power is turned off and on again. Use any of the white keys to select a tuning table by number, from 0 (C0) to 28 (C4). Tuning table 0 (C0) is permanently set to 12-Tone Equal Temperament. The default setting is tuning table 0 (C0).
Has anybody else tested this? Somebody has been messaging me asking questions about this but I can't help him because I haven't had time to dig into this myself.

He's thinking of buying a Matriarch for this feature. I don't want to give him false hope or bad information, because right now I have no idea how well this feature actually works.

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Re: Matriarch Tuning Scale Select feature

Post by bitroast » Sun Mar 28, 2021 10:42 pm

i am also curious about this! looking to save up and buy a matriach, and knowing i can easily import self made tuning scales into the synth will make it a lot easier to commit to buying :-)

I've uploaded a scala file. i exported this from the Wilsonic iphone app.
i would love to know if this works okay with the moog matriach? is anyone able to test for me? :)
you should be able to import the file into the moog matriach, using the "Moog Phatty Tuner". ... 9.scl?dl=0

when i import this tuning scale into korg minilogue xd or monologue, it doesn't seem to work properly and only plays high pitched notes (the notes i am wanting to play are much lower octave and can only be played via external midi).
when i import this tuning scale into novation BS2 or Peak, it works fine!
i'm not sure why it works fine with novation but not korg. i would love to know! but i do not know why.

if anyone with a matriach is able to test this tuning scale and see if it works, that would be greatly appreciated !

(as a side note, here is what the tuning scale sounds like on novation BS2 and peak, .. for reference..

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