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Subharmonicon + DFAM sometimes out of sync when using midi transport

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 8:35 am
by natehorn
I'm having an issue with transport via midi and how the DFAM syncs to the subharmonicon.

I have the subharmonicon receiving transport from Ableton Live, which is setting the clock. I then have the DFAM receiving clock from the Subharmonicon.

When I 'play' from Live both instruments will start, and be running at the same BPM, but sometimes (it seems its about 50/50) the DFAM will advance its first step using the wrong BPM - it's like although it receives the transport the Tempo sync sometimes lags behind by miliseconds.

You can see this in the recordings, with the first bar of the DFAM sometimes being slightly longer/shorter than the others (and it seems to correlate with the Tempo set on the subharmonicon, that is to say if the tempo set on the sub is slower then Live, then the DFAM's first bar will sometimes be slightly longer than the others).

This means its pretty much a 50/50 gamble when I hit play in Live whether or not the instruments will actually be in sync with each other.

It's a pain for studio recording, but more importantly I could never use these instruments live as it's a craposhoot whether or not it'll sound like garbage when they start.

I have no idea if this is a problem with one of my units, or something everyone experiences, an issue with live, my midi setup - but given what I've seen it seems like the problem exists between the sub and the dfam during that initial transport signal.

Anyone else see this, or know what I'm talking about?

(I've tried contacting Moog about this via their support system, but I still have emails from the beginning of Februrary they haven't answered, I'm beginning to wonder if they ever will)