Circuit mods to Mother 32

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Circuit mods to Mother 32

Post by MRNUTTY » Fri Mar 12, 2021 9:53 pm

I'm unhappy with the envelope timing.

In my work, I'm finding the traditional 4 decimal orders of magnitude of Attack/Decay timing provided by Moog engineering for their products, poorly expressed in modern 9mm SMT rotary potentiometers.

Even 'high quality' Taiwan Alpha pots have an end resistance value that makes tuning in the 1-20ms range a hit or miss thing.

Everyone has their thing; Vintage VCO's, number of LFO's, spring reverbs, etc... mine is fast envelope timing. I will check trigger and clock latencies with a scope to ensure my audio paths have no clock skew.

In my modified gear, I'll quarter the 10uf cap permanently, or even use a tenth if I use a range switch with multiple caps.

I've checked the EG outputs in the 1-20ms range, selectivity is pretty poor - it's the end of the dial where end resistance is usually too high to hit that timing range. I want more selectivity.

The caps are usually very easy to find from the attack and decay pots. But had to ask : anyone modify these puppy's yet? I plan to own these to EOL. Even then - they'll me marked and presented as appropriately improved.
I don't need long boning 10sec timing. 2sec is fine - or I can jack in a slow envelope from the rest of my rig.
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