Matriarch - CV Out from the incoming Midi signal?

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Matriarch - CV Out from the incoming Midi signal?

Post by ghanimist » Thu Mar 11, 2021 8:29 am

Newbie with Matriarch. Still searching for a very basic thing: How can I access the CV Out signal from notes played to the Matriarch via Midi (USB)? I'm running a sequence from my DAW into Matriarch and can't access a CV out signal. Like the Keyboard CV OUT.
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Re: Matriarch - CV Out from the incoming Midi signal?

Post by bmiller128 » Tue Mar 16, 2021 9:22 pm

Hi Ralf,

From what I can tell, Aftertouch works as you'd expect (the KB AT OUT patch point responds to MIDI aftertouch). And I think Mod Wheel CCs affect the Modulation / LFO amount, but not the MOD WHL OUT patch point. But unfortunately the rest (KB CV OUT, KB VEL OUT, etc.) don't do anything when you send a MIDI note.

Given that Aftertouch works properly, hopefully that means that the hardware supports this and the others might be fixable in firmware.

I had sent a message to Moog support about this back in November but never got a reply; I just sent a follow-up today since I ran into the same issue again in some music I was working on. Maybe if everybody who's run into this issue contacts Moog support, eventually they might get back to us.


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