How to connect Subsequent 37 CV with Mother-32 via CV connec

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How to connect Subsequent 37 CV with Mother-32 via CV connec

Post by Easy_Performer » Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:35 pm

I need your help to control my M32 on my Subsequent 37CV via CV in order to use M32 as a 3rd osciallator on the other synth. Basically, I wanna do the following: :

However, I cannot trigger M32 on the Sub37 CV but I am only getting a crankling and regularly flapping noise of which the tempo could be changed by frequency knob of the M32. :? :? :?

Please see below my setup:
- M32 VCO1/Oct to Sub37CV CV Out1 (KB Pitch) using a TS 3,5/6.3 cable
- M32 VCA Mode is On
- M32 line out to Subs37 CV line in using a TRS 6.3/6.3 cable (or M32 GateIN to Sub37CV Gate Out1 (KB Gate) using a TS 3,5/6.3 cable // or M32's VCO Saw/VCO to Subseq37CV EXT in)
- Subsequent 37 CV Ext. in is turned on / Latch is on

I am under an impression that I should cablibrate the VCO on the M32 to get the Subseq 37CV tracking the M32 but it sounds a little bit complicated and I do not dare to jump into calibration.

I was also trying the pretty similar setup with an Arturia Keystep and it is working fine.

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