Grandmother USB MIDI Missing Notes from DAW

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Grandmother USB MIDI Missing Notes from DAW

Post by kslagerman » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:56 pm


I'm noticing that my GM does not reliably receive MIDI via its USB connection from my DAW (Studio One 3) and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this.

I began noticing that my GM was missing notes that were being sent from my DAW's MIDI tracks. The issue is not consistent and even playing the same MIDI sequence will produce different results each time. Sometimes all of the notes are received and played by the GM and sometimes several are missed and not played.

I've set up and recorded a control test to try to better isolate the issue.

In this video, I have my GM and a Moog Sirin both set up to receive MIDI over their USB connections from Studio One 3. You can see that the GM has difficulty playing all of the notes in the piano role consistently. When I switch the output of the MIDI track to the Sirin (@ 2.04) the Sirin plays the notes back perfectly.

I've tried different USB cables and different USB ports with no success. The 5-pin MIDI in DIN connection does not seem to have this problem so I can reliably say that this seems to be a problem with the USB connection for my GM.

Any suggestions? My GM is on the latest internal firmware sent by tech support, which is 1.0.6.

Many thanks!

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