Faking a 64 step pattern on M32, then syncing 2 diff tempos?

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Faking a 64 step pattern on M32, then syncing 2 diff tempos?

Post by mattymel » Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:48 pm

Hey. So this is what Im trying to do. So far, UNSUCCESSFULLY. Very unsuccessful. I know it has to be possible. Please help!

To give everyone an idea of all I'm trying to do...all it is is a 64 step sequence for two different parts on 2 M32s. All 8th notes. Very simple. Below is a simplified lead sheet...
Easy breakdown of parts: Part 1 is the simple 8th note repeated bass part (whole thing is 64 steps). Part 2 is a simple repeated melody line (whole thing is 8 steps repeated ad infinitum). Here is a quasi lead sheet in 4/4 time:

M32 1 Part 1: 4/4 ||:CCCCCCCC etc|Cx8|Ax8|Ax8|Fx8|Fx8|Fx8|Fx8:||

M32 2 Part 2: 4/4 ||:GEGECEEC:|| x8 measures

Since I found out I can't have the Mother32 play a 64 pattern as is required for "Part 1" (this according to the Moog guy that thankfully wrote me back...but if he's wrong, PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!! That would be GREAT!)

Ive instead figured out by playing "Part 1" as ratcheted 8th notes (so basically still 32 steps and ratcheted x2) so that it is only still four 8 step patterns (=32 steps) works fine.

I would have thought that then I could use Setup Mode to change the "Tempo Input Mode" for M32/Part 1 (to Assignable Output Mode 3: Sequencer Clock/2) so that Part 2 is still playing in the intended tempo and Part 1 would basically be feeling "half time" by taking the Assign Patch out of M32/2 into the Tempo Patch of M32/1? No?

Well it doesn't work. Not at all.

Then I figured I must be thinking of it backwards. And I did the opposite Assigning output on the other M32. That was even weirder sounding.

I have faith that what Im trying to do MUST be possible. Its as simple as one M32 feeling half time. Why is that so hard??? Kind of crazy that something so simple isn't easier to figure out.

Please HELP!

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