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Mother 32 Multiple Voices with Filter Kick instead of LFO!

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Mother 32 Multiple Voices with Filter Kick instead of LFO!

Postby Glitch Patcher » Mon Mar 04, 2019 2:08 pm

Hi All

I have found some interesting ways to get a number of sounds out of one mother 32 in the same sequence, basically a bass line, melody, kick and snare - but without using up the LFO and without glitchy notes you get with the original advertised patch.

Hopefully this will help people along at getting to grips with this great synth. The videos are at intermediate level so I would advise looking up the original patch and learning a few fundamentals before getting into this one.

I will also be uploading some intermediate to advanced patches for some other modules - my aim is only to upload videos about aspects of modular synthesis that are not already available online or if the online version doesn't quite give all the info or has missed something fundamental - as I have found with a number of sources of information.

Hopefully you find the videos lengthy! but informative. ... subscriber

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