Syncing DAW -> Grandmother -> DFAM issues

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Syncing DAW -> Grandmother -> DFAM issues

Post by Spazige » Wed Feb 20, 2019 5:56 am

I have been trying to use a device called a KLIK by BASTL. It sends clock and trigger from ableton to the Grandmother.

I set the Grandmother up in ARP mode and it politely waits until the DAW starts and it starts receiving the messages from KLIK.

The problem I am having is the DFAMs (which are synced from the Grandmother) just go off and start playing before I start the DAW (when the Grandmother ARP is waiting for the KLIK signals). So they must be receiving some kind of sync from the Grandmother, even though it's own ARP hasn't started, and is waiting for the signals from KLIK.

MIDI clock is turned off and I've set the Grandmother global settings to ignore MIDI.

Any ideas??
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