Grandmother patch saver

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Grandmother patch saver

Post by goodweather » Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:50 pm

For those interested, here is a patch saver/loader for your Moog Grandmother.
Look at the manual to see its features and way of working. Then decide to purchase it or not for a small amount (it is also including presets from the manual).

The panel is only a patch loader/saver on computer as the Moog Grandmother does not support the load/save of programs by sysex dump exchange. It supports however the manipulation of some program parameters by Midi CC messages but far from all parameters are covered (only the ones described on page 43 of the Grandmother manual).


    Moog Grandmother patch saver/loader for PC and Mac
    Interface with same look as actual synthesizer
    Bidirectional communication with actual Grandmother synthesizer for all parameters supporting CC# Midi communication (see p43 of the manual)
    Top row of support “screens” with old look
    Visual feedback by using “LED” ring buttons and indication of the parameter value
    Envelope graph handled by mouse or classical ADSR rotary encoders
    Load / Save programs from individual .syx files
    Automatic change of all CC# parameters on actual synthesizer at program load
    Easy program renaming
    Display and export of program parameters as text file
    Ability to describe 9 input/output colored patch cables with different sources/destinations
    Programs have a name, author, save date and description. They can be associated to a category
    Browser of the files on the disk
    Patch sheet tab with patch sheet for Grandmother and other gear
    Patch cables (9 colors)
    Author and save date
    External synths
    Display of current precise parameter value when clicking on rotary encoders

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