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M32 Sequence Reset-Point problem with External DAW Problem

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M32 Sequence Reset-Point problem with External DAW Problem

Postby paulienat » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:07 am

Hi everyone!

I'm using Protools to control a Mother32. Everything is synced through MIDI Clock. Tempo Sync is fine and works good. My main problem is that every time I stop the playback from the Daw and start playback again the M32 sequencer doesn't start from the starting point of his sequence but from the last played note of the pattern. I have to press Reset on every stop to force the sequence to start from zero. This makes the integration with Protools useless. Can't press reset on M32 each time I stop/play on Protools :roll:

I can't find a setting that could change this sequencer's behavior.

Someone with the same problem....?

Thanks a lot
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