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Mother 32 - Env Triggered On Tied Notes?

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Mother 32 - Env Triggered On Tied Notes?

Postby muleskinner » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:14 am


This could be pilot error but the M32 sequencer seems to be triggering its envelope (and I think gate out) on each note of a 'tie'.

If I set the envelope to 'sustain' it's fine, set to AD mode I get the re-trigger.

This makes it very difficult to integrate an external ADSR without using an external VCA as well, which seems rather a waste of the internal VCA (and the internal envelope which could be used for the AD portion otherwise).

Is this a bug, pilot error, or intended behaviour according to some logic I'm too naive to understand?


ps Also I'm guessing it's impossible to decouple the internal VCA from the internal envelope - it doesn't seem to be.
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