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DFAM Workflow with DAW?

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DFAM Workflow with DAW?

Postby Banquet » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:21 pm


I have a Mother 32 and have always been intrigued by the DFAM. I now have the opportunity to try one tomorrow and get it for Christmas.

However, all the DFAM Youtube videos I have seen are just someone jamming with it. Sometimes on it's own, sometimes with other kit, but I haven't seen anyone turning the jamming into an actual song.

I don't need the DFAM as a drum machine, but I am interested in combining it with the Mother 32 and operating the two combined as a kind of 'rhythm unit' Getting lovely punchy bassline, or just a rhythmic series of organic tones that drive a song along. This is where I just can't figure out the workflow. From what I can tell, it is very hard to set the pitch on the sequencer, so I can't get my head around how you turn that punchy sounding 8 part sequence into something you can use in a track. How do I know what notes it's playing? How do I tune it to the chords I'm playing? Obviously for purely 'noise' drum sounds this won't be an issue, but for pitched bass lines, I can't see how they fit into a song? Even if I sample it, how do I get it to the pitch I want, if it's playing different pitches and I don't know what they are?

Sorry for the no doubt newb questions, but if anyone here is using a Mother 32 with a DFAM and integrating that into a DAW based recording I would love to hear what your workflow is!

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