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M32: MIDI turns on glide

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M32: MIDI turns on glide

Postby rsholmes » Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:05 pm

I'm experiencing a problem similar to what was reported by noCort ( and by evolakim ( In my case the only thing I've been doing with MIDI is I've had a keyboard (M-Audio KeyStudio 25) plugged in. Seems that when the keyboard's connected, at some point the glide behavior (when playing either the builtin keyboard or the MIDI keyboard, but not when playing a sequence) gets cranked to maximum. If I jiggle the M32 glide knob it returns to normal. As far as I know there's no Program Change involved; I can't associate it with any particular thing I'm doing with the M32 or the keyboard, just that it doesn't seem to happen if the MIDI keyboard isn't plugged in. If it is, usually it behaves fine for a while but if I go away and come back in several minutes to a few hours it's gliding again. Once or twice it's happened while I was playing though.

I've also used the M32 with a Casio Previa electronic piano plugged in as a MIDI controller and have NOT seen the same problem, but I haven't used this configuration as much.

Is this a known firmware bug? Any fixes or workarounds?
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