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Newbie with a possibly faulty mother-32

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Newbie with a possibly faulty mother-32

Postby onlyasifall » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:54 pm


Just got a used Mother-32 and I'm thinking it's faulty, but maybe i just need to RTFM (spent some time looking through it and some videos but haven't found a match)

The issue is, when I plug it in, it looks like the sequencer goes quickly from left to right (seems not to matter what the tempo knob is at), and on the second time through it stops at step 2 or 3 (usually) and doesn't respond to any of my inputs on the sequencer buttons. The Octave/Location lights are all on showing yellow on the left and red on the right., The "midi in" light is solid red, and the sequencer only shows a single light on whatever step it stopped at. It's still outputing sound, and at least most of the knobs seem to work, but the sequencer seems useless so I'm stuck with that one tone.



Seems like I can interrupt it if I mash buttons right when it starts, and then it seems to behave more like you would expect, but as soon as I start trying to program a pattern following the manual it jumps back into this bad state (shift + reset + pattern always does this for example) and I have to turn it off for it to recover. I have yet to get it to actually play a sequence. I also can't seem to enter setup mode, as trying to enter setup mode puts it in this state, and does nothing once it's sitting like this.

Anyway, should I mail it back, or am I just being really dense?

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Re: Newbie with a possibly faulty mother-32

Postby onlyasifall » Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:30 pm

Solved. I'll leave this here in case anyone has similar issue. The problem was that I received it (used, so not in the original packaging) with the wrong power converter. I was giving it 9v which was obviously causing it to behave in all kinds of weird inconsistent ways. After switching to a 12v supply all seems normal.
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