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Grandmother MIDI functioning

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Grandmother MIDI functioning

Postby Ted H » Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:49 pm

Has anyone tried using the Grandmother's MIDI functions, particularly to record a sequence, arp, or personal performance? More importantly will the Grandmother take a MIDI INput of a sequence recording? I would really like some way to store a sequence, etc. for using later.
Also how well does the MIDI Clock control work with an incoming clock? I need some way to sync clocks with a MIDI workstation.
Ted H
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Re: Grandmother MIDI functioning

Postby swannod » Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:29 pm

The Grandmother has a sequencer but it can only hold 3 sequences. If you need more memory than that you'll have to store your sequences elsewhere. The MIDI clock works well, I use the Grandmother as an External Instrument in MainStage and send MIDI clock. One problem is that Grandmother has serious issues when using MIDI Local Off (MIDI In stops working). I reported this issue to Moog a couple of weeks ago, but so far no word on a fix - my assumption is that it would be resolved in some future firmware update. If you were planning on using the Grandmother as an External Instrument for Logic/MainStage/Ableton, I would wait until this issue is fixed.
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Re: Grandmother MIDI functioning

Postby Telharmonia » Tue Dec 18, 2018 6:35 pm

Hi Swannod and Ted,

I just "purchased my Grandmother" last week (that just sounds sooo wrong) and LOVE it.. or rather, her..

However, I also ran into midi issues using Local OFF. Tech support did their best to help, but I was able to confirm several issues with my synth - it does not receive midi note information *properly*, but only in cases when LOCAL control is OFF. All I get is single low droning notes, and so far this is true under ALL of the following conditions:

(1) one plays the Grandmother's internal sounds through it's own keyboard via midi ONLY (local off), as happens when recording through a DAW and looping the midi back into the synth (I'm on Logic Pro)

(2) One plays the Grandmother remotely - as if it were a module - via a midi master controller. (I tried this using *just one* 5-pin midi cable routed from the controller OUT to the Grandmother IN)

(3) One attempts to playback midi performances from the DAW to the synth while Grandmother's Local is OFF.

Swannod, have you tried loading the factory reset file(s)? Before I try it myself, I'm curious if that makes a difference..

Thank you!
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Re: Grandmother MIDI functioning

Postby swannod » Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:49 pm


Sorry just now seeing this. I didn't try that (factory reset) but Moog support reproduced my issue exactly with a test unit, so I don't know if a factory reset is going to help much. They also mentioned it was the first time it had been reported (back in August), which I found surprising. But I see that it's becoming a recurring theme in this forum at least, so hopefully it gets resolved soon.

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