tempo variation on power up

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tempo variation on power up

Post by eddiemurky » Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:54 pm

couple of quick things.
firstly- love the sound and design of the mother 32.
amazing tone from just one oscillator!

okay, so..
a bandmate recently wanted to give the mother 32 a quick listen and went to plug it in, and...
used an entirely inappropriate adapter :(
I believe it was a standard 9V boss adapter or maybe one of those hot spot ones guitarists use to power multiple pedals.. nothing happened, the unit didn't power up, and as soon as I saw what he was trying to do, I stopped him (obviously!) it seemed fine afterwards, but out of my own anxieties, is there any chance that using the wrong adapter damaged anything in the moog? subtly or insidiously?

the other thing- I notice when programming sequences, if I power off (or unplug) the mother and then plug it back in, the tempo is usually a fair deal different than where I had it when it was powered off. usually to get it back to the same bpm I have to sweep the tempo knob and then reset its position. is it normal that turning it off and on would cause the tempo to change values? is this just a byproduct of the discrete, inherently imprecise circuitry? or just the way it's calibrated? or is this abnormal behavior for the synth?

sorry if these are dumb questions! I'm new to moods and have mostly owned dco synths in the past!

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Re: tempo variation on power up

Post by Vsyevolod » Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:14 am

Yes, you can destroy equipment by plugging in an incorrect voltage. Sometimes the + and - are switched, other times the voltage is either too high or too low or the PS is not rated high enough.

I always mark each PS for the instrument that it's designed for. A second piece of tape near the barrel makes it impossible even for guitarists to get it wrong.

Yes, you are describing abnormal behaviour with your tempo deviation. I'd contact Moog directly and ask them about it.



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Re: tempo variation on power up

Post by paramnesia » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:30 am

the mother32 tempo on power up will reset to the last tempo stored in the pattern bank

if the pattern is not saved before power up then it will be different when you turn it back on

i think what you are experiencing is normal behavior
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Re: tempo variation on power up

Post by eddiemurky » Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:39 pm

thanks for the thoughts.
still unsure whether it's normal behavior or not.
the patterns in question are saved and play back normally, but the tempo on startup is never the same as when I powered down. even if I power down and then turn it right back on, it's usually either significantly slower or faster.. maybe I'll end up messaging customer support, I just didn't wanna seem like a total dummy if it's normal behavior.
I've also been considering buying a second mother32 so I suppose I could just wait until it arrives to see if it does the same thing!

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