19" mounting

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19" mounting

Post by music.maker » Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:10 pm

Is it possible to mount the M32 into a 19" rack without needing to mount it in a 19" Euro rack frame (see picture as an example).
In other words, Will Moog supply ears to mount them were the wooden panels are?

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Re: 19" mounting

Post by bt2513 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:58 am

I didn't take mine apart but I think the whole point is that the module fastens on the front panel to the proposed euro-sized rails. AFAIK, there is no fastening point on the sides where typical rack ears would attach - this is would be consistent with every single other euro module I own or have ever seen.

That rack you pictured would cost you around $60-75. Rack ears would be around $55 I think (based on the Minitaur prices). With the eurorack you pictured, you would get the option to add another 24hp of actual modules as well instead of having unusable space consumed by the elongated rack ears.

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Re: 19" mounting

Post by EMwhite » Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:51 pm

Problem is that the Mother is only 12 1/2" wide and the 19" is, well...

The Happy ending kit will definitely set you back some $$. You can buy these used, of course or make your own frame but the point is that if you drop the Mother-32 into even the smallest Z rail/happy ending kit, you'll still have some 20+HP to fill with other modules.

No idea if Moog plans on selling 'rack ears' for the Mother-32 to fill out the rest of the space. If they did, it would end up looking much like the Minitaur rack ears, that being plenty of metal in the front (otherwise known as wasted space). Once you get into this product, you'll realize how much more you will have by adding a few key modules.

Even a 3x Mother-32 setup could benefit by a few modules and I think that fancy rack that they sell may also compliment larger Eurorack rails and of course there is a while world of other cases that you can use as you grow your system.

With a synth/setup that cost $599, it's sometimes difficult to see spending another $100 for 'infrastructure', but as you add more, you'll quickly see the benefit and be able to justify the purchase of racks and power supplies... and also, you'll quickly learn that your bank account is empty.

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Re: 19" mounting

Post by arikyle » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:59 am

Reviving this thread. Sorry for the noob questions in advance but I'm having trouble finding answers.

With the Tip Top Happy Ending Kit and power supply, how do you mount the Mother 32? Is it possible to take it out of the casing and use the Happy Ending Kit's power supply? If so, how do you route the audio output as well?

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Re: 19" mounting

Post by brother32 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:54 pm

Is this what you need to see?

I bought the m32 as just the eurorack panel with no back to it and it just slotted in to a tiptop happy ending case very easily and connected very easily.....the audio outputs from the top right VCA port on the front panel.

I bought 1 pair of tiptop ears - 15 quid
1 pair of tiptop z rails @84hp about 40 quid?
1 tiptop power suppply - about 60 quid?
and a 12v power supply to power the power supply - 10 quid

in my case i have the m32 and the power supply screwed in.

Very easy, don't worry ;-)

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