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953 Duophonics

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953 Duophonics

Postby rzzzzz » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:18 pm

can't believe it took me so long to take advantage of this Moog 'board. (and i'm someone who's kept my Arp Odyssey in full repair primarily for its great duophonics.) but my weak experimenting with the 953 ended with just figuring that the first row of the triggering control was low note priority and the 2nd row was high note priority. no row gave me more than monophonics. it didn't occur to me that i could hook up the 921a to the first row and the full 921 (as audio oscillator) to the 2nd row and THEN would be off and running. as anybody who's played the Odyssey knows, duophonic is a whole lot more than 2-note polyphony. and with a 15, you can dial in harmonics exquisite to wild, that the Odyssey can only dream about. i feel like a door to a whole 'nother room of aural exploration just flew open. (YMMV)
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