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Model 15 and Mother-32

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Model 15 and Mother-32

Postby Skotchi » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:48 pm


Prior to purchasing the Model 15, my only forays into modular were the semi-modular subtractive Korg MS-20 and the primarily Buchla-style MakeNoise 0-Coast, so please forgive me if there are obvious answers to these questions:

Can the Mother-32 be used as a sequencer for the Model 15? And if so, is it a good solution?

I’m wary because I’ve seen several posts in the forum that discuss the dangers of triggering the CV inputs with anything over 5 volts, and I’m wondering if the CV outputs of the Mother-32 can be configured in such a way that it doesn’t exceed these limits.

Finally, even if it can be used for this purpose, would I be better off (and safer) getting one of the 960 clones from Mos-Lab or CotK?

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Re: Model 15 and Mother-32

Postby EricK » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:27 am

I was initially going to recommend the Doepfer Dark Time over the Mother 32 but that also doesn't have the 1/4th inch jacks, so the best thing to do probably is to stay with the 5u format (Moog Style).

Look into the M-500P cabinet from Moon Modular and then you can put a dotcom sequencer in there along with the q961-3 modules and even some other stuff like a Synth-Werk 901 oscillator bank if you really wanted to expand. Or just get 2 sequencers.

Moon has a nice selection of the CP sized modules, and Mos-lab will have the CP sized sequential switches available at some point. They all will run on the dotcom voltages so you don't have to worry about the power supply issues. Moslab's sequencers also run off of the dotcom standard voltages so that is an option to have the gate switches and quantizer built in without using the extra modules.

Moslab has much better customer service than COTK.

Looks like you got bit by the bug.

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Re: Model 15 and Mother-32

Postby Skotchi » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:11 am

Thanks, Eric! More than I bargained for and much appreciated.

EricK wrote:Looks like you got bit by the bug.

Indeed, although another person in my household will have something to say about this :-)

Thanks again,
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