Sequencer Compliment B Chords

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Sequencer Compliment B Chords

Post by thedangore » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:50 am

I have been trying to locate the answer to this for weeks now, but it doesn't seem clear. Can the Sequencer Compliment B, more specifically a single 960 sequential controller, trigger all three rows simultaneously to produce an 8-step chord of sorts if different pitch cv was being sent out to separate oscillator banks? I believe I had seen a video somewhere of a Q119 Stage Sequencer doing this and it was rather beautiful to have chords being triggered with each step rather than a single note. Has my curiosity going! I'd love a video if one exists!

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Re: Sequencer Compliment B Chords

Post by EMwhite » Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:20 pm

Yes, however there is a single output "Osc. output" on the lower left which is sent from the internal clock. Assuming that you want the clock to trigger Env gens on every step for all three rows, you'll be sorted with the 960 itself.

If you hoped to have some of the notes of the triad triggered simultaneously but to have only two notes hitting and perhaps none for some steps, then you will need the aid of additional modules.

If you need a gate length that differs from the default, you can 'condition' the signal with the complement's 961.

Some 960 clones have additional features and functions, such as the MOS-LAB 960 which has a built in gate bus and an optional but in quantizer (but retains the basic design and interface). The helper modules of the Moog 960 also provide additional functionality with regard to working with triggers. The Moog 960 comp is big money but it's a one hell of a set of modules and a truly genius design that many people go back to, even today. Nearly 50 years later, it's still being copied. I'd buy it if I had the money. Instead, I'll spend the $$ on plywood as my house is about to get wiped off the map by Irma.
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