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Super hard attack from 911's ?

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 8:40 pm
by Rarecomponentadsr
I'm wondering if there's anyway to achieve extra levels of attack from the 911's ?

Let's say a 911 goes into a filter or VCA and the attack is set to O there anyway to increase the effect of the attack ?
I've tried various methods and even used two 911's to double up the attack amplitude but I'm sure there must be another method.( on the other hand is it at all possible?) I think I once read about someone using "super hard attack".
So to put it another way's simple to attenuate the 911 output but can it be amplified ?

Re: Super hard attack from 911's ?

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:45 pm
by CZ Rider
You can use a multiple to multiply any signal. Simply patch the output of the 911 into a multiple and patch three patch cords into the three CV inputs on the 904A. Typical Moog amplifying patch.
One can normalize the front panel CV inputs on the 901/902/904 by cascading the three CV input jacks with Switchcraft 112A switching type jacks. This eliminates the extra patch cords and gives a 3X, or 2X and 1X,or all 1X using a similar wiring as the Moog 995 attenuator schematic with cascaded jacks.
The Moog 902 VCA also amplifies a signal by a factor of more than 2. The Moog VCA unlike many modern VCA's actually amplify the incoming signal. A CP3 mixer is similar with each input amplifying by a factor of 2. With multiples a CP3 can amplify a single CV by 8X.

Not sure though if this type amplification will yield the type effect you are after. It does increase the amount of voltage sweep from a 911 if you need a little more range.

Re: Super hard attack from 911's ?

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:18 am
by Rarecomponentadsr
Thanks CZ...

I would have never thought that simply adding more patch cords from a multiple fed by a single 911 could actually increase its signal...but it does.
In fact by adding just one extra patch cable the response of the 911 becomes quite different.

But using a CP3 to increase the overal signal swamps the 904a with CV and I'm not sure if a super hard attack is procured that way.

But the multiple tip is offering new possibilities ...