CV Expander causes detuning.

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CV Expander causes detuning.

Post by AlesCZX » Mon Apr 26, 2021 1:15 pm

I have a problem with CV Expander. If I connect CV Expander (without cables), MOOG will detune and it will not even tune octaves. This is because VCF CV IN, VCO LIN FM IN, VCO EXP FM IN, LFO FM IN are permanently connected (tip + ground) if no cable is connected. If I connect an empty cable to the VCO LIN FM IN (thus disconnecting the permanent tip + ground connection) and connect the keys to the VCO EXP FM IN, then MOOG tunes again in all octaves.
I am confused. So do I have to connect empty cables to disconnect the connectors? What is the reason for the self interconnection of these inputs?

Thank you very much!


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