Combining CV and Jumper cables? Also Multiple Mods

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Combining CV and Jumper cables? Also Multiple Mods

Post by JambonHell » Thu Jan 07, 2021 12:00 pm

Beginner to electronics, am going through an online course as we speak...

3 questions in order of importance :)

1)Is it possible to convert jumper cables to cv jack cables? Or anyway to have a cv input from something like a Korg SQ1 while simultaneously using one of the MODS like the 2nd oscillator? I would like to MOD the sound and also use an external source for sequencing.

2)Also is it possible to layer up Mods using separate circuits/breadboards? I tried to turn the LFO into a 2nd osc and also use the arduino arpeggiator mod but it sounded weird so I turned it off in fear of damaging anything.

3)I have a 50k photocell resistor which doesn't work with the photocell mod, as that requires a 10k. Is there anyway to get this work with appropriate resistors or power?

Thanks for the help!


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