Connecting BeatStep Pro to Werkstatt

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Connecting BeatStep Pro to Werkstatt

Post by Davidhminor » Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:28 pm

Hi folks. Got my Werkstatt about a month ago and am having a blast. Completely new to this world, so have a couple questions that may be elementary.

I’m using a BeatStep pro as a sequencer, working my way through the various options. I can get basic melodic sequences to work. But:

1) I can only get one synthesizer output section to connect at a time. Is there anyway to send signals from both output sections?

2) Is there any way to connect any of the drum outputs to do anything on the Moog? Can’t get anything to work there.

3) Would using a MIDI-to-CV (maybe a Mutant Brain) help with any of the above?


David in San Diego.
David in San Diego

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