KEEP backlight off + LCD on with cursor/keyboard input

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KEEP backlight off + LCD on with cursor/keyboard input

Post by MorningNewt » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:35 am

I'm trying to keep my backlight off but the LCD on even though inputs are coming from the keyboard and/or trackpad.

I'm working on an Asus Aspire One running Linux Mint (32bit). I've just installed a Pixel Qi display that allows viewing in sunlight through a reflective display (think: epaper).

The Fn+F6 native shortcut effectively turns off the backlight, but any input reactivates the screen.

I've tried a few things already: • xbacklight only dims the screen, and even at 0 or neg' values won't turn the backlight OFF. • i've tried a handfull of commands that turn the screen off, but they either turn the LCD itself off requiring the inverse command, or they still get woken by any peripheral input. • I've tried "echo" to change the brightness value in the /sys.../backlight/brightness file but even with sudo or su- i get "access denied"

I have a sense this is more power management/sleep setting than backlight. Basically need to tell the computer NOT to turn the backlight back on with the inputs.

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