Fried my Werkstatt +9v power regulator IC

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Fried my Werkstatt +9v power regulator IC

Post by corosekb » Wed Sep 09, 2020 5:59 am

Hiya, hope someone can help me with this?

I connected something between the +12v test point at TP16 and ground, connected it the wrong way round and the power regulator IC in the +9v section went up in smoke! I feel like a total idiot. The synth now doesn't work.

I've looked on the schematic but it doesn't give any part number for the 9v regulator (listed as U7). Does anyone know what would be an appropriate replacement?

I'm a bit scared of soldering SMT but I'm happy to give it a go to bring this synth back to life.

Does anyone know if I should replace the +5v regulator too? as they are in the same area and connected to the same +12v TP16. I didn't see any smoke coming from it. Both of them *look* fine, not fried, but as I say there was smoke coming from the 9v one, and the synth now doesn't work :(

Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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