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Problems sequencing Werkstatt with CV Gate

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Problems sequencing Werkstatt with CV Gate

Postby A-CAT » Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:57 am

Hi guys,

I have trouble trying to sequence the MOOG Werkstatt (with the CV expender installed) from an Elektron MachineDrum connected to the Werkstatt using a Doepfer Dark Link MIDI-CV/Gate interface (which outputs 0-5v CV/Gate signals).

So here is what I’ve tried so far :

Test 1 : When I plug the Dark Link "Gate" out to the Werkstatt Gate Out/In + the Dark Link "CV1" out to the Werkstatt VCO Exp FM In, I can sequence the Werkstatt but its output is very low and its Envelope doesn't work properly (I can only hear the Werkstatt if I set the Envelope Sustain to ON)

Test 2 : When I plug the Dark Link "Gate" out to the Werkstatt VCA CV In + the Dark Link "CV1" Out to the Werkstatt VCO Exp FM In, then the Werkstatt output is loud as it should be but then I can't control the Envelope at all and I have a lot of clicks in the output sound…

Test 3 : I also tried to connect the Werkstatt to an Arturia BeatStepPro (BeatStepPro Gate Out to Werkstatt Gate Out/In and BeatStepPro CV Out to Werkstatt VCO Exp FM In) and then everything seemed to be working properly : normal output volume, envelope working…

I really don’t get it as I can’t sequence the Werkstatt properly using the Dark Link (which outputs 0-5V as required by the Werkstatt) but it does work when using the BeatStepPro (which outputs 12V gate signals…)
Could you please advise ?
Does my Werkstatt have a problem or does this seem normal to you ?
What could I do to sequence it using my Dark Link MIDI-CV/Gate interface ?
Final question : can the BeatStepPro 12V gate signals damage my Werkstatt ?

Thanks a lot in advance, cheers from Paris ;)

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Re: Problems sequencing Werkstatt with CV Gate

Postby Struble » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:36 pm


I can't answer to why, but I can say your experience is not uncommon. Neither my Microbrute or my Syntecno TeeBee gates can trigger the envelope. But the Beatstep Pro always works. I hope the 12v gate won't do any damage, because that's how I'm sequencing mine.

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Re: Problems sequencing Werkstatt with CV Gate

Postby Vsyevolod » Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:33 pm

I'd contact Moog directly on this one. Most likely the MD is not sending a high enough voltage for the gate... that or it's sending a rising edge when the Werkstatt needs a falling edge (or vice versa). Just guessing here... the gang at Moog can sort you out much quicker.


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Re: Problems sequencing Werkstatt with CV Gate

Postby Daniele Sciolla » Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:39 am

Hi, any news?
I own the same setup
Daniele Sciolla
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