Guitar Input Questions

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Guitar Input Questions

Post by erix » Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:25 pm

Hello Folks,

I recieved my Werkstatt last week and can't stop fiddling with knobs. I'm primarily a guitarist and want to find ways to incorporate the Werkstatt into a guitar rig (knowing full well that more synth devices are sure to come. Sorry Mr. Wallet.)

I don't know a lot of synth terminology but I'm a quick learner. Heck, before I got the Werkstatt I didn't even know what a VCF or Envelope Generator even was, much less how they sounded! I'm still learning about plugging things into other things - thats the voodoo I think...

I've built a lot of stompboxes and amplifiers so I'm familiar with the tools and techniques. I'd like to mod the Werkstatt to take a guitar signal on the VCF audio input using a normaizing 1/4" jack. I think I will need to amplify the guitar's signal up according to this project by Ken Stone: Doing so I should be able to hear the guitar through the VCF and modulated by the LFO. I can also add a pre-VCA output jack (normalized to the VCA input) so that the Werkstatt's VCF can be placed in the middle of an effects chain.

In effect this becomes a slightly-less poor man's MF-102 (albeit with limited capabilities).

What more can I add since I'll be in there? Is this guitar-to-CV circuit worth building?: ... 28&VPH=655 I can see the CV output of this project being useful to make melodic noises but it doesn't appear to be capable of a regular 1V/octave output.

Likewise the gate output could be useful (using the voltage follower Gate IN circuit) but where do you plug it in? Is the EG available to hit with this trigger? If not, is the envelope trigger mod the place this signal goes?

Lastly, should I put some kind protection on the outputs of these circuits to protect the Werkstatt's internals, besides some current limiting resistors?

Thanks for any and all responses!

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Re: Guitar Input Questions

Post by hecksome » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:36 pm

@erix curious, did you ever get this working? I'm eager to try the same thing.

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