Soldering iron in the waiting

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Soldering iron in the waiting

Post by Portamental » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:28 am

No, my Werkstatt's have not arrived yet, They are on order (2). I can't wait. It's like an experimenter's dream floating high in the sky for now ... but soon.

Looking at it, specs and videos, it looks all complete, not much left to be desired... maybe a more ADSR type of enveloppe would be nice, but no big deal.

I do have a specific suggestion/request though. Not only do it think it makes sense, I think it's a must.

It would be nice to be able to purchase, as an accessory, an already made PCB board with the long connector already soldered, and empty holes and traces to the connector. Make that a bag of 4 or 6. I'll take care of populating it ;)

I'll post a pic later (to save a thousand words) ;)

So here it is :

Something simple. No need to endlessly argue about complex design. Just something to facilitate point to point wiring and more complex designs at the same time. Use at your own risks :)


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