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Moog ladder cutoff knob range?

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 3:55 pm
by iksrazal
Hi all, quick question:

I can't find out for certain what the notches under 200HZ are. For example, the lowest little white line around the cutoff knob, all the way to the left, is that 40HZ? And every notch all the way to 200HZ are in 20HZ increments? And from the lowest marked notch until the knob no longer turns ... is that 40HZ to 20HZ?

I would like to set the HPF cutoff at 30HZ sometimes and I am not clear on what the setting for that is.

Re: Moog ladder cutoff knob range?

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 4:55 pm
by Moog Music
The Cutoff on the Ladder 20Hz-20k.

Hope this helps,
- Your Friends at Moog