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MF Delay, adjust feedback range, trimpots

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:43 pm
by Fors

Quite a while ago a cat happened to pee on my dear MF Delay, which (surprise surprise!) made it stop working. Just a couple of days ago I got around to finally fix it, so I took it apart, submerged the switch (which had stuck) in some penetrating oil for a few hours, and cleaned one of the circuit boards (the hole in which the LED is mounted is anything but liquid proof on these things, unfortunately). The LED itself had stopped working, so I desoldered that and replaced it with whatever that was closest (a blue flat headed LED at the time, looks fairly rad, albeit very dim). After putting everything together it seemed to work as usual again.

While cleaning the circuit board I noticed quite a few trimpots, and I thought to myself "one of these trimpots must surely adjust the amount of maximum feedback". I was however not feeling like experimenting at the time, so I hope someone on here knows what the trimpots adjust? I do love my MF Delay, except for not being able to get infinite repeats and the white noise (which is of course totally normal for analog delays).

Best regards!