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How Do We Use NRPN/14-bit MIDI with Model 15?

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How Do We Use NRPN/14-bit MIDI with Model 15?

Postby dysamoria » Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:30 am

I want to use NRPN messages from a Korg Kontrol49 to do fine control of Moog Model 15 parameters. The manual states that 14-bit exists but does not explain how to utilize it.

Does anyone know HOW to do this? If you DO know HOW to do it, can you provide step-by-step directions?

What I DON'T want:

• A link to another thread/website where the problem was never solved for the person who asked about NRPN/14-bit (of which there're a ton, plus this website doesn't even ALLOW searching for terms like "15", "14-bit"...)
• A technical discussion about what NRPN or 14-bit MIDI is (I get it and I'm sick of being given tech BS instead of instructions)
• Anyone to tell me to "Google it" or "RTFM" (I've searched the web for YEARS about 14-bit MIDI, the Model 15 manual seems to have contradictory info and no actual step-by-step instructions, and the Kontrol49 manual just tells you how to set up the controls from the front panel, which I've done)
• Simplistic "just activate MIDI learn and wiggle a control" (that does not seem to work for controls configured as NRPN on my Korg Kontrol49; when it works, it's basic steppy 7-bit MIDI)
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