Model 15 app - receive MIDI clock issue

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Model 15 app - receive MIDI clock issue

Post by depprussell » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:18 am


I'm using the iConnectMIDI2+ Lightning Version to connect my iPad Air 2, which is running the new Model 15 App, to Logic Pro X DAW. The digital audio is routing into the DAW just fine, and my MIDI keyboard controller is triggering the Model 15 fine as well. The problem is that the Model 15 App is not receiving the MIDI clock from Logic properly - e.g. if the BPM in Logic is set to 120bpm, then the Model 15 initially receives it at 120, and then it drifts off, going to 119.5, 120.2, etc. I've tried this setup with the Animoog App (as well as some other synth apps) and their clock functions are working perfectly. Anybody else having this problem? Possibly a bug in the new App?

Please help.

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