Model D Audio: What is it? .WAV, .MP4, AAC?

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Model D Audio: What is it? .WAV, .MP4, AAC?

Post by Toowoombaus » Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:48 pm

Hi everyone!

First post on this forum.

I just got the Model D App and I love it and plan on recording with it (running it through my Focusrite Red 6 mic pre before Logic)

I was just wondering what kind of audio the app is using. I see I can export an uncompressed 16 bit AIFF file from Garageband.

I'm just curious what is the native audio format the App is using.

Acid Mitch
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Re: Model D Audio: What is it? .WAV, .MP4, AAC?

Post by Acid Mitch » Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:09 am

Your question is akin to asking “ does my guitar use tape, vinyl or cd ? “
Softsynths that don’t use sample playback, like the Model D app, are not playing back pre recorded material and therefor don’t use wav, MP3 (mp4 is a video format that can hold audio and video, mp3 is audio only) or any other audio file format.
It won’t be in a file format untill you export the audio which changes the output into an audio file.
When you export the audio most daws will give you the choice of which format to use.
The plug in format it uses is Audio Units, which was Apples answer to Steinbergs VST spec. The VST spec is supported by both Apple products and PC. Audio units are Apple only.

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