Folders for Presets in Animoog

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Folders for Presets in Animoog

Post by thedarkknight1 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:45 pm

Hey everyone!

I'm new here so I apologize in advance for posting a redundant topic or if I'm posting in the wrong area. Before anyone "blasts" me and tells me to do a search, I did and no-one had the answer I was looking for. I used to run the KMI 12-Step with a laptop running a program my keyboardist installed. It would occasionally run into "midi lock" but for the most part it was okay. What I really mean is that it did the job but it was nothing exciting. I needed something affordable and very portable so I decided on downloading Animoog for my iPad. I heard some samples on YouTube and was super impressed. So now I am running Animoog on my iPad mini connected to the KMI 12-Step. The whole configuration is super light and I can't wait to get it on stage. One problem I am having (and I am not sure if it is Animoog or the 12-Step) is that when I change presets, I have to drop the pitch on the 12-Step two octaves to match the lower register I was just playing on the previous preset. The other issue (and most important) I need help with is that I wish to keep the presets I use or edit in a folder so that when I am gigging, I can just bring up the folder then hit the right preset for the song being played. Kind of like a set list. I do not see an option for this in Animoog. Is there any way to accomplish this? What I see in Animoog is the left side where all of your expansion pack/folders are. When you hit the folder/pack it expands to reveal the presets in that folder/pack. I see "default" then all of the packs but no button or toggle that says "create folder" or "edit folder". How can I create a folder with the name I choose and keep my presets in there? I really appreciate whatever help I receive on this.

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Re: Folders for Presets in Animoog

Post by Satri » Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:32 pm

Hi Dark Knight,

You can reorganize and save presets in new folders, see how here ... h-ifunbox/

You'll probably be interested by additional free Animoog presets as well, see ... 9-timbres/

Hope this helps & welcome to the wonderful world of Animoog! :-) -- Alex / Satri
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