Newbie / can't get a completely clean new patch?

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Newbie / can't get a completely clean new patch?

Post by jimatmoog » Mon Jun 20, 2022 3:12 pm

Hi -- I'm just getting started with the Model D app, and am having some problems.

Just to figure out how the app works, I decided to try making as basic a patch as possible.  So, after having read through the docs, I started by doing an "Init Preset" action off the down-arrow icon, and then turned everything off (including the mixer inputs) or to zero.  I figured this would give me something that would make no sounds, and then I could gradually build things up by adding oscillators, filters and so on.

Instead, when I hit the keyboard, I get some soft, percussive "tap" type sounds.  The only thing that affects this is by adjusting the cutoff frequency control, which gives me a sound with two notes -- maybe the root and a fifth?? -- whose pitch is driven by the keyboard.  The more I turn the cutoff freq knob, the louder the sound gets, but the pitch doesn't change, except in response to pressing different keys on the keyboard, of course(?).  I saw the reference in the documentation about "playing the filter like an oscillator" by turning on both keyboard control switches and adjusting the "resonance" knob (emphasis? amount of contour?), but this seems to be something different. I can't NOT get it.

So, I'm confused.  I don't understand where these sounds are coming from, and whether I can get rid of them, or whether I want to get rid of them.  If I start to build up a sound by adding in oscillators, these other sounds seem to still be there.  I could well be missing the point -- am I?  Is there something else going on?  Does anyone have any advice?  For now, all I'm trying to do is get one oscillator running through an envelope and a filter.

If it matters, I'm working on a 2021 M1 iPad Pro. Thanks!

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