Animoog Z - toggle button inconsistency with MIDI CCs

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Animoog Z - toggle button inconsistency with MIDI CCs

Post by Almost Aviation » Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:36 am

I have found that toggle button controls (eg. the Sync buttons, Hold, etc) behave inconsistently in how they send CCs that have been mapped to external hardware. See my original message below, then some additional info...

(original message)

I just got Z (nice surprise) and I was able to map my Behringer BCR-2000 controller to it, with a custom overlay I made for the old Animoog. Most of the mappings transfer across no problems, and there are a bunch of new ones to add. BUT… the BCR-2000 is great because it has LEDs on the encoders to display the current settings. In Animoog, these settings are refreshed when selecting a new patch, because Animoog sends all the CCs on a patch change. In Animoog Z this works for everything except all the toggle buttons (sync buttons, hold, etc.)

I have not investigated this in detail but I am presuming AZ isn’t sending the CCs for the buttons. Does this ring any bells, or can any beta tester confirm?

(end of original)

On further investigation, what seems to happen is this. Let's use the Hold button as an example. First, if that button is mapped to a MIDI CC, each time I press it on the screen Animoog Z sends out a CC (with a 0 or 127 value for on or off). This works fine, so it turns the appropriate LED on or off on my BCR-2000 button. Now, if instead I press the mapped button on the BCR-2000, it sends a CC to Animoog Z, which responds correctly to toggle the Hold function on or off. This is reflected on the Animoog Z display, and the function is indeed switched on or off as expected. BUT... if I now press the button on the Animoog display, although the Hold function toggles correctly, no MIDI CC message is sent out.

To summarise, if I toggle a button control from the hardware mapped button, the next time I press the Animoog Z on-screen button it doesn't generate a MIDI CC. This seems clearly wrong to me. The behaviour appears consistently across all the toggle buttons I have tried (eg. the Sync buttons for each effect).

It seems to me there is some flag array that tracks the state of the buttons separately from either the actual function state or the state of the button graphic, but this is (erroneously) not being updated when the state change is triggered by an external CC. This means the actual state can get out of step with the mapped hardware.

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