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Moog Minitaur live w/o a DAW or laptop

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:22 pm
by MoogDood420
Hi everyone!

I've had my minitaur for a while and have used it for studio projects/fun stuff, but my end goal was to be able to get midi pedals to use it live. I'm eyeing the Studiologic MP-117. My issue I'm having is I'd like to get a midi pedal to cycle presets on the Minitaur while still also being able to use the pedal to play it. My understanding is that I'd need the Minitar, pedals, midi controller (thinking the Tech 21 Midi Mouse), and a midi merger (midi solutions makes a rather affordable one). I'm very new to all of this; does that seem correct? Any help is super appreciated!