Band loves the Taurus/Minitaur

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Band loves the Taurus/Minitaur

Post by MC » Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:05 pm

Last year I joined an 80s rock band that has been around since 1992, very popular band. RIght off the bat, the female lead singer (who founded the band) wanted me to use my Taurus pedals. I never told her about them, she must had learned about them from my website.

Initially I played out with the Taurus I pedals. I decided to build a stage rack system with as much rack mounted MIDI controlled devices as possible, all pre-wired so that setup/tear down time is minimized. I have a lot of sounds to cover (especially synths). A Voyager RME definitely went in the rack for the Minimoog sounds. I already had the Minitaur with rack ears which was ready to replace the Taurus I (and a worthy replacement it is!). I have a set of Taurus II Controller pedals (CV/trigger controller only without the "Rogue" synthesizer head) and I installed a MIDI retrofit in them so I can control the Minitaur and other devices from it (and it has 18 pedal keys over the 13 on the original).

Our sound engineer - he is very good - likes to put his subwoofers to work using the Taurus sounds. He likes his low end and his subwoofers are stuffed with two 18" speakers - each. When I play those gutsy Taurus sounds, you can feel the damn things radiate from those subwoofers. I do not need them in my stage monitor. The whole band can feel them, the low end is DEEP. The audience likes the effect and the singer has encouraged me to use them more. I even found a use for Taurus pedals in an AC/DC song...!

Nice to be in a band that appreciates synths and Taurus pedal sounds! The Minitaur editor is great for creating sounds and its MIDI capability is a godsend. The Minitaur has been very stable in tuning, I think I only tuned it ONCE in the past year.
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Re: Band loves the Taurus/Minitaur

Post by timmy » Fri May 17, 2019 9:40 pm

that story made me feel good. awesome to hear you are encouraged by your bandmates!
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