Something amazing happened to my Sub 37 - Sirin

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Something amazing happened to my Sub 37 - Sirin

Post by conradk » Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:03 pm

Just got my Sirin - using my Sub 37 as a controller I am combining sounds with my Sub 37 and Sirin that are jaw dropping. It's a totally different sonic experience. Kudos to the Moog family for putting the Sirin synth out there.

One issue I ran into using the Sub 37 as a controller is that the midi control message associated with the Sub 37 MULTIDRIVE filter knob adjusts the tuning on the Sirin. [I later bought a vintage midi Anatek Pocket Filter and no more controller problems AND I can use Multidrive for both, confusing but great outcome].

I will say, Sirin does not have a power button which even cheap mini-synths have these days. I guess will have to look at mod'ing someday as it is annoying to plug/un-plug a power adapter to power on/off.

Playing with the Sirin controller software is easy - about the same as any I guess. Always wish on these there was an easier way to arrow or tab through settings and presets vs. clicking with a mouse. But that's about what I expected to find as everyone else does the same thing pretty much.

Anyways - just wanted to report that the Sirin is solid!

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Re: Something amazing happened to my Sub 37 - Sirin

Post by elcubismo » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:41 am

The Sirin is my first Moog synth, but I do have 4 moogerfoogers and want a mother 32 . The sub37 combo sounds amazing!

I'm sure you know by now since you've had the Sirin for a while, but you can totally change presets by pressing Glide + Osc 1/2 to go back and forth. It's a bit easy to get lost as to where you are in the preset list, but it's something at least!

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