Various Problems - Minitaur (Help)

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Various Problems - Minitaur (Help)

Post by wagnermuvt » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:21 pm

Hello everyone, I have some problems and maybe you can help
I would be very grateful.
I bought the used moog and it came like this with these problems.
Usage ableton 10, with a Yamaha UR 22 mk II audio card already tested with an M-audio and
the problem persisted.

Problem 1. Delay

it records in advance, as you can see
I can not compensate in hardware latency because the sound comes in advance and not late

Problem 2. Clips

I do not know why some clips appear in my recording and also a
dirt on my attacks that seem to me a poorly made sidechain

preset Taurus iii . Clip:

here may a click appear on my sub attack:

Sorry for my English.
These are some of the problems I'm going through, if anyone knows how to help me.

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