T1 Contact Board Replacement

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T1 Contact Board Replacement

Post by luckynerd » Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:48 pm


Crossposting from the general forum, as this post was made before this section was made. :)

If your T1 has contact problems that are driving you nuts, I have a great solution! I have a drop-in board that replaces the contacts with much more reliable switches! Below is a link to the original thread my late husband Kevin started, and my signature contains the link to the product, including a video of the board in action!


I normally charge $395 plus shipping (parts & labor are more than they were when Kevin was alive), but these last 4 are priced at $350 including shipping. I ship worldwide, too! For buyers outside the USA, you're getting a really good deal! I'm shipping the first week of October. The boards come with a replacement guarantee--if it ever stops working, you can send it back to me and I'll send you another one!

Installation is easy, and you will still have your original contact board intact if you ever want to return it to stock. :)

If you're interested, please follow the link in my signature to contact me and let me know you heard about the price here!

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Moog T1 Pedal Contact Board Upgrade: http://www.minimoog.net/daphne/moog-taurus-1-replacement-contact-board/

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