loop sidechain minitaur and roland TR-8S?

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loop sidechain minitaur and roland TR-8S?

Post by youssmoog » Wed May 16, 2018 7:46 pm

hi there
i have been looking online for different ways to setup a Minitaur with a commonly available TR8 but without success. i have a TR8S so it should be the same.
i am about to purchase a minitaur which will be my first step into analog and was wondering if they could make a perfect match, as i am a big fan of the deep bassy sounds it produces.

also, is it possible to loop side chain them together? i.e
is it possible to have one instrument out only from TR8S exiting to minitaur and then have the modified sound back to TR8 via separate channel in a closed cirxuit kinda setup?

if not what options do i have and would it be wise to match those two instruments together?

thank you from newbie

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