I hear input minitaur but not output

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I hear input minitaur but not output

Post by edgarmedalla1 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:11 am

Hello I have a minitaur since yesterday and it's my first hardware synth, I need help to understand what is happening with my routing.

I have a mac OSX El Capitán 10.11.6

I have a minitaur with the firmware updated and editor installed, it's all OK. Moog is routed from his output to the interface ( shitty steinber CI1, i will chane it soon ) input.

The DAW i'm using is Ableton live 9

In Ableton i have the external instrument with moog minitaur to channel 1 and from moog channel 1.

But for example if i put an ableton filter ( hi pass ) in the same track as the external instrument, after the moog minitaur in the chain, i hear the input and what it would be the output ( the hi passed bass ) i hear it but in the background. So i am hearing the moog minitaur doubled , and i don't know how to just listen the "output" versión of it.

Sorry if the explanation is weird, english it's not my native language

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Re: I hear input minitaur but not output

Post by ebowen4221 » Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:17 pm

It sounds like you have a midi loop issue. In the Minitaur Editor, I would change your output channel to something else. I take it you're using USB for MIDI and not the physical MIDI input?

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